Capital Markets and Securities

The firm’s securities and financial law team works on all types of operations relating to listed companies, such as takeover bids, applications for exemption from filing such bids, market operations (IPO, admission of new shareholders, private placements, issue of complex financial securities) and restructuring operations (carve out and others). This team also assists issuers in drawing up their reference documents and preparing their general meetings.

This team has also developed special expertise in the field of acquisition of minority interests in listed companies (“PIPES” in French), LBO over listed companies involving investment/reinvestment by the management team, or public-to-private operations leading to delisting, on behalf of French and international investment funds. 


  • Takeover bids – public exchange offers
  • Exemption from the filing of a mandatory public bid
  • Capital market operations (IPO, capital increase, issue of financial securities)
  • Acquisition of strategic interests
  • Squeeze-out
  • Delisting
  • Mergers and contributions
  • Governance of listed companies
  • Litigations relating to stock exchange regulations
  • Employee saving schemes and employee share ownership plans
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