Recognized know how

The firm’s lawyers are recognised for the technical quality of their work.

They often lecture at seminars and workshops and participate in working groups in their field of expertise. They regularly contribute to specialist magazines and publish reference works. Many of them teach at universities or at prestigious French or foreign business and management schools.
At the beginning of each year, Hoche organises its “Tax Meetings” (Rencontres fiscales), dedicated to discussing the most recent Finance Acts and topical taxation issues. The firm also organises events covering recent developments in the field of corporate law and financial transactions.

Hoche is an active member of several professional organisations including AFIC (French Venture Capital Association), NYSE Euronext, ANSA (National Association of Joint-Stock Companies), IFA (International Fiscal Association), IACF (French Association of Tax Lawyers), IDS (Institute of Employment Law), EELA (European Employment Lawyers Association), INTA (International Trademark Association), APRAM (Association of Practitioners of Trademark and Design Law), ADIJ (Association for the development of legal data processing), AME (Association of European Mediators), INSOL Europe (Association for European restructuring and insolvency specialists[j1] ) and the IBA (International Bar Association).

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