Hoche Avocats advised the Intys group’s shareholders on the sale of a majority stake in Intys Partners to the Technology & Strategy group (T&S), supported by its shareholder Ardian Expansion

Founded in 2007 by Michel Van Hemele and Philippe Metz, Intys group was strengthened in July 2019 with the entry of Omnes in its capital, already advised by Hoche Avocats, as part of its minority LBO alongside the founders and management of Intys group.

In the context of this transaction, T&S takes a significant stake in the Intys group’s capital alongside its founders and management, while Omnes sells its entire stake to T&S. This transaction is the 8th sale of the Omnes Croissance 4 fund.

Based in Brussels, Intys is one of the leading consulting firms in Belgium. A multi-specialist player, Intys is recognized for its expertise in the healthcare, energy and financial services sectors. Its 80 clients include major companies and leading institutions in Belgium, Luxembourg and France. In 2021, the firm achieved a turnover of more than 50 million euros and has more than 480 employees.

During its strategic partnership with Omnes, Intys almost doubled its turnover and completed two acquisitions in France: Univers Retail (a French player in retail and distribution consulting) and the former French subsidiary of the Jaggaer group specialized in purchasing outsourcing.

By joining T&S, the Intys group pursues its ambition to be a partner of choice for its customers and employees, to maintain its level of operational excellence, but also to have a greater European impact, and even on other continents.


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Legal, social and tax counsel of the Intys group’s shareholders: Hoche Avocats – corporate: Grine Lahreche (partner), Sophie Millet (counsel) and Imane Sayah (associate); tax: Jérôme Mas (partner) and Alexandre Thuau-Renaudet (associate); employment: Sophie Dechaumet (partner) and Christophe Marie (associate)

Legal and tax counsel of the Intys group’s shareholders (for Belgian law aspects): Liedekerke – Damien Conem (partner) and Charline Cogels (associate)

T&S legal counsel: CMS Belgique – corporate : Arnaud Van Oekel (partner), David Prync (partner) and Candice Kunkera (associate).

PR – 14 april 2022

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Le Monde du Droit – 19 april 2022

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