Intellectual Property Law

Intangible assets (trademarks, corporate names, drawings and designs, patents, author’s rights, domain names, know-how, etc.) are vital components of a company’s assets.
For example, they can help a company in acquiring and developing an identity which differentiates it from its competitors or in enjoying an exclusive technological right. 

The department’s lawyers are effective in assisting their clients in the protection, exploitation and defence of these assets thanks to their well-recognised practice of all aspects of intellectual property law: legal, tax, economic and financial. 

The team is dedicated to specific and general issues relating to intellectual property in the broad sense covering mainly trademarks, patents, drawings and designs and author’s right. 
It is backed by an international network of foreign contacts to support its clients in designing a strategy for the control and optimisation of their intangible assets. 

Hoche Avocats  - Legal500  - Paris 2017

  • Protection of intellectual property rights
  • Management of rights portfolios
  • Licensing agreements
  • Assignment, partnership and research agreements
  • Co-existence and confidentiality agreements
  • Intellectual property disputes
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