Intellectual Property Law

Intangible assets are an essential part of a company’s worth. These include trademarks, company names, designs, models, patents, copyrights, domain names, and know-how, etc. They can enable a company to acquire and develop an identity that differentiates it from its competitors, providing it technological exclusivity.
The department’s lawyers assist their customers in the protection, exploitation, and defence of their assets through their recognised practice of intellectual property law in all its components: legal, tax, economic, and financial.

The team is dedicated to specific and general issues of intellectual property covering mainly trademarks, patents, drawings, models, and copyrights.
It relies on an international network of correspondents to assist its customers in developing a strategy for controlling and optimising their intangible assets.

Area of expertise:

  • Protection of intellectual property Law
  • Management of rights portfolios
  • License agreements
  • Contracts for assignments, partnerships, research, coexistence, and confidentiality agreements

The partners:

  • Régis Carral

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