Litigation arbitration and mediation

Through its multidisciplinary approach and global vision of conflict situations, Hoche Avocats developed a significant pre-litigation and litigation business law activity within each department: commercial, social, fiscal, IP / IT, and criminal…
The lawyers defend, assist, and represent their customers in all civil, commercial, criminal, and administrative jurisdictions, as well as in expertise proceedings. They also intervene in private ad hoc or institutional arbitration procedures (Centre for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris (CMAP), Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI)…)

Their interventions concern transnational disputes. These involve, in particular, the collaboration of foreign law firms with which Hoche Avocats has non-exclusive ties based on a cooperative and complementary working method.
Hoche Avocats practices mediation and conciliation. This is in anticipation of the growing role these alternative dispute resolution tools can play in the settlement of litigation. In order to significantly master the intricacies of this procedure, several partners and collaborators have been well trained in mediation.

Area of expertise:

  • Pre-litigation
  • Amicable resolution of disputes - mediations
  • Litigation including civil, commercial, administrative, finance and social
  • Protective measures
  • Implementing measures

The partners:

  • Solène Delafond

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  • Bastien Mathieu

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