Hoche Avocats advises the founders of the Franco-Polish Group CEMOM Moatti on the operational and capital transfer of the Group

 Founded in 1977, CEMOM Moatti is a Franco-Polish group specialising mainly in the production and distribution of hinges for doors and windows, organised around its Polish subsidiary, Pol-Soft, the main manufacturing centre. The Group’s activity is strongly deployed internationally, its products being exported to about fifty countries such as the United States, Canada, but also to Europe (Poland being the Group’s first market), Africa and the Middle East.

The control of CEMOM and Pol-Soft, previously held by the Moatti family, including the three founders, Jean-Louis, Michel, and Philippe Moatti, has been transferred to Axio Capital, supported by Entrepreneur Invest and 123 IM. Jean-Louis, Michel and Philippe Moatti have reinvested in the Group and are accompanying Andrzej Garlikowski, the former operational director now in charge of the Group’s management, during the operational and managerial transition. Jean-Louis Moatti will continue to chair the Supervisory Board.

With 200 employees and its Polish production centre, the Group produces more than 60 million pieces per year, with sales of around €25m in 2021-2022.


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Legal counsel to the founders: Hoche Avocats – Grine Lahreche (partner), Christophe Bornes (consultant) and Adina Mihaescu (counsel)

Legal counsel to Axio Capital: Lamartine Conseil – Bintou Niang (partner), Solange Ducos (associate), Camille Menard (associate) and Périne Estephan (associate)

Legal counsel to Entrepreneur Invest: Bersay Avocats – Anya Hristova (partner)

Legal advisor to 123 IM: Ideact Avocats – Maud Partouche (partner)

Group Financial Advisor: BNP Paribas Corporate Finance – Gaëtan Becavin (VP) and Isabelle Penaud (MD)


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