Commercial Agreements

Hoche helps companies in designing and managing all their interactions within their economic, commercial and industrial environment.  

It assists in negotiation, drawing up and implementation of commercial contracts and agreements, such as agency agreements, distribution and franchise agreements, sub-contracting agreements, lease agreements, agreements for the provision of services, lease-management agreements, debt assignment agreements, etc.

Thanks to its multi-disciplinary structure, the firm can mobilise teams from its various departments in order to optimise these agreements and manage their risks.

Newsletter by Hoche Société d'Avocats on the French Reform Contract Law -October 2016

Guide Décideurs 2018-2019 Commercial contentieux et arbitrage - Hoche Avocats / Positionnement

  • Commercial and industrial contracts
  • Economic law
  • Business, Goodwill
  • Distribution
  • Franchise
  • Provision of services
  • Contractual liability
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