Hoche Avocats advised the Polygon group in the context of the acquisition of the BMS Global Sinistres group

Polygon is a global expert and the European leader in property damage control. On 3 continents and in 16 countries, over 6,000 professionals prevent, control, and mitigate the effects of water, fire, and climate.

BMS Global Sinistres (BMS) is a property damage restoration company focused on major and complex claims and specialized in demolition and reconstruction services. BMS is present in Montpellier, Marseille, Toulouse, Nice, Paris, and Valence. Bertrand Mathieu, who founded BMS in 2011, will stay with BMS and Polygon and be responsible for major and complex claims and reconstruction services.

The acquisition added 120 professionals and annual sales of about 12 MEUR and strengthened Polygon’s geographical footprint and market position in France.

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Legal counsel to the Polygon group: Hoche Avocats – Corporate: Grine Lahreche (Partner), Adina Mihaescu (Counsel) and Agathe Olivier (Associate) – Employment: Sophie Dechaumet (Partner) and Christophe Marie (Associate)

Financial and tax advisor to the Polygon group: BDO – Alban Cabanis (Partner) and Alexis Fontana (Senior Manager)

Legal counsel to the BMS Global Sinistres group: Dabiens Kalczynski Avocats – Frédéric Dabiens (Partner) and Laura Demaegdt-Causse (Associate)

PR – 2022-05-18 

Cision – 2022-05-11

Cfnews – 2022-05-24

Le Monde du droit – 21-05-2022

The team:

  • Grine Lahreche

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  • Adina Mihaescu

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  • Agathe Olivier

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  • Sophie Dechaumet

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  • Christophe Marie

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