Hoche Avocats advises Meanings Capital Partners on the acquisition of the majority stake in Jems Group, a Big Data expert and leading data industrialist

Meanings Capital Partners announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Jems group, a Big Data expert and leading data industrialist. Meanings is investing via its new Meanings Private Equity Fund IV alongside Jems’ directors Jacques Benhamou and Nicolas Laroche, as well as the company’s managers, and with Amundi PEF and Africinvest, with the ambition of becoming the European leader in Big Data.

Jems is present in 13 regional metropolises in France as well as in Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Morocco and Tunisia. At the end of 2022, the group had 745 employees and had a turnover of 74 million euros. Jems clients include CAC 40 companies such as BNP Paribas, LVMH, Renault, Safran, Veolia but also BPI France, Covea, Enedis, France Télévisions, Pathé and SNCF.

Jems is a one-stop shop that creates, manages and exploits corporate data assets. The offer covers all dimensions of Big Data, a megatrend sector that is enjoying growth of more than 15% per year. Jems offers tailor-made services that transform corporate data into real assets.

Thanks to its unique methodology, Jems is a specialist in the manufacture of data assets and data products (data manufacturing), ideally located on the critical path to the implementation of robots and artificial intelligence systems.

Meanings’ aim is to help Jems become Europe’s leading provider of Data Manufacturing services, and the benchmark for Green IT and digital responsibility.

The acquisition of a stake in Meanings Capital Partners will enable the company to step up its presence on the French market, targeting ETIs and large SMEs. The aim is also to boost the European development of the group, which is already present in Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Morocco and Tunisia.


About Meanings Capital Partners:

Meanings Capital Partners is a leading non-listed investment platform in France, specialised in the Lower-Mid Cap segment, Private Equity and Real Estate.

Meanings supports management teams and, with them, transforms and finances the development of French companies, enabling them to become leaders in their markets. Meanings also transforms real estate assets and improves their construction to the highest environmental standards. For more information, visit


Legal counsel to Meanings Capital Partners : Hoche Avocats: Corporate: Jean-Luc Blein (partner), Jennifer Pernet (counsel), Nicolas Guerry (associate); Employment: Frédérique Cassereau (partner), Myrtille Dubois-Carmine (counsel), Thibault Minjollet (associate); Tax structuring: Eric Quentin (partner), Margaux Holland (associate).


Other legal counsels:

Competition advice and notifications to the competition authority : Renaudier & Associés: Richard Renaudier (partner), Muriel Perrier (associate); Coline Rigoigne (associate).


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